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Electronic Services & Instruction Librarian

Portland, OR
Summary Description: The Electronic Services & Instruction Librarian is a full-time, benefit eligible position reporting to the Director of Library Services.  This role is responsible for maintaining and developing electronic resources, managing the Ex Libris systems, providing information literacy instruction, assisting library patrons in the use library resources, and participating in the Orbis Cascade Alliance.

Primary Job Duties:
Electronic Services:
  • Manage Ex Libris Alma and Primo systems and keep abreast of new developments
  • Establish and maintain access to databases and e-journals, evaluate digital resources for licensing
  • Evaluate and track database license agreements, collect and report appropriate usage statistics
  • Manage LibGuides and oversee content creation
  • Coordinate with Marketing to create and update library web pages, including the web interface of the library catalog (Primo)
Information Literacy & Customer Engagement:
  • Provide information literacy instruction for traditional and adult degree programs in an online and in person environment.
  • Advise campus members regarding copyright, fair use, and plagiarism issues
  • Create training resources and materials to assist faculty in online instruction environments.
  • Provide reference and research assistance, including senior capstone project advisory
  • Coordinate and schedule library outreach and programming including guest speakers, faculty lectures, and student centered activities with a strong focus on multicultural inclusive programming in an online/in person environment
  • Publicize library services/outreach/programming via flyers and university marketing such as signpost and the shield blogs.

Professional Expectations:
  • Represent WPU within the Orbis Cascade Alliance, serving on consortium committees and task forces
  • Keep abreast of library and information technology trends, communicating relevant information with the campus community
  • Represent WPU in local/national library organizations, developing and networking for operational excellence
  • Be present in the office on a daily basis unless arrangements are made with the Director of Library Services
  • Participate in regular faculty meetings, committees, professional development opportunities, and campus events as appropriate
  • Contribute to the support and implementation of the University Strategic Plan.
  • Participate in Warner Pacific University professional development opportunities.
  • Adhere to University policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a Christian liberal arts education by upholding the mission of the University and abiding by the Employment Standards and Lifestyle Agreement. Warner Pacific is affiliated with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).
  • Exhibit commitment to inclusiveness and sensitivity in areas of national origin, ethnicity, culture, gender, and disabilities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Master's in Library and Information Science from an ALA accredited institution or equivalent
  • Technical expertise in administrating systems, or course management software
  • Experience in the use of traditional and electronic resources an academic library
  • Web page development experience
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment with deadlines
  • Experience in information literacy and in library user education
  • Experience working with diverse populations

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Creativity, innovation and customer-orientation
  • Knowledge of library operations
  • Experience with Ex Libris Alma and Primo systems
To apply, please read the Employment and Lifestyle Standards statement below, then complete the online application at https://warnerpacific.catsone.com/careers/1611-General Please also submit the following with your application (you may attach these documents at the conclusion of the online application):
 *Cover Letter
*Curriculum Vitae or Resume
*Essay Response to the Following Questions:
1. How does your personal faith reflect the principles stated in terms 1, 2, and 3 of the Employment Standards? (listed below)
2.  How does your personal philosophy of education and commitment to the synthesis of faith and learning reflect the principles stated in items 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8? (listed below)

Employment and Lifestyle Standards: 
Warner Pacific is a Christ-centered urban liberal arts University dedicated to providing students from diverse backgrounds an education that prepares them to engage actively in a constantly changing world. The University was founded in 1937 by the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). Central to Warner Pacific’s identity as a Christ-centered higher education institution is the policy of hiring persons whose personal and professional lives reflect:
1.   A belief in the deity of and commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, as interpreted through the historic witness of Scripture and the continuing ministry of the Holy Spirit.
2.  The practice of following Christ through day-to-day personal lifestyle choices.
3.  A vitality of Christian experience maturing in insight and application and appreciative of differing viewpoints.
4.  A commitment to life-long learning and service through personal and professional development.
5.  For teaching faculty, the expression of artful teaching, based on mastery of relevant subject matter and in an environment of purposeful and rigorous inquiry amongst a community of scholars who support one another.
6. A capability, by temperament, preparation, and will, to support students as they confront the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of their lives.
7.   A sensitivity to and support for the mission, core themes, vision, values, ethos and traditions of the Warner Pacific University community.
8. A commitment to teaching and serving in harmony with the doctrines of the Holy Bible. 

Employee Agreement:
Mission-based hiring is of critical importance to Warner Pacific University. Employees are expected to demonstrate and articulate a vital Christian faith and to live in a manner consistent with a Christ-centered lifestyle as informed by the Scriptures of the New Testament.
Warner Pacific’s students, faculty and staff are expected to foster an environment of mutual respect and accountability, to care for the personal dignity of others and to exercise integrity in their conduct and communication. The University environment is expected to be free from discrimination and harassment (including bullying). When an individual’s behavior has direct implications for others and/or the well-being of the University community, there may be cause for institutional involvement, regardless of where the situation occurs.
Warner Pacific University desires to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, faculty, students, visitors and guests. Therefore, smoking is not permitted on University property, in its vehicles, or at any University sponsored event. The use of illegal drugs or non-prescribed controlled substances is strictly prohibited. Use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products is strictly prohibited on Warner Pacific University campuses.
Equal Employment Opportunity:
Warner Pacific provides equal opportunity for employment and advancement for all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, sex, gender, national origin, citizenship status, disability, age, genetic information, status with regard to public assistance, veteran status and any other status protected by laws and regulations to which Warner Pacific is subject.  All employment decisions, including hiring, promotions, compensation, benefits, transfers, and terminations are made in a manner that does not discriminate against individuals in the categories discussed above.  Because Warner Pacific is a Christian liberal arts University, the University exercises its legal right to hire Christian employees to fulfill its mission and purpose.

Warner Pacific University’s Mission:  Warner Pacific is a Christ-centered, urban, diverse, minority-serving, Hispanic-serving, liberal arts University dedicated to providing students with an education that prepares them to engage actively in a constantly changing world. Our hiring practices reflect our missional commitment to being a Christ-centered institution.

Warner Pacific University’s Commitment to Diversity: Warner Pacific University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that seeks a diverse workforce of committed Christians from all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Warner Pacific University is committed to hiring staff and faculty with an intentionality that demonstrates the importance of having an employee community that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the students we serve. Persons of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Physical Demands — Work Environment: The position is located in a typical office environment. Professional/business casual attire is required.
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