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Associate Director of Admission – Traditional Admissions

Portland, OR
Warner Pacific University’s Mission:  Warner Pacific is a Christ-centered, urban, liberal arts University dedicated to providing students from diverse backgrounds with an education that prepares them to engage actively in a constantly changing world. Our hiring practices reflect our missional commitment to being a Christ-centered institution.
Warner Pacific University’s Commitment to Diversity: Warner Pacific University is committed to hiring staff and faculty with an intentionality that demonstrates the importance of having an employee community that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the students we serve. Persons of color are strongly encouraged to apply.
Summary Description: The Associate Director of Admission – Traditional Admissions (TRAD) is a full-time, benefit eligible position reporting to the Executive Director of Admission.  This position is responsible for recruiting and enrolling students, establishing strong relationships with educational institutions (high schools and community colleges), and community organizations across the city and in the regional recruitment footprint established for the University (Pacific NW, California, Arizona, and Hawaii) and leading the TRAD enrollment team in the Executive Director of Admission’s absence.
This position requires a strong analytic and creative capacity, the ability to reach diverse markets, and mobilize others in pursuit of efficient systems. The right candidate must be willing to work hard to forge strategic alliances.
Essential Functions:
Recruitment Activities
  • Recruit students from high schools, community colleges, partnerships and other appropriate events.
  • Provide leadership and coordination for the recruitment of students for the broad array of academic programs offered through the University’s traditional program.
  • Advise prospective students of admission requirements, transfer guidelines, financial aid and scholarship information, student standards, etc.
  • Review admission applications and evaluate credentials.  Work with the Admission Review Committee to assess admission decisions.
Relationship Development
  • Develop strong initial relationships with high schools, community colleges, organizations including businesses, and non-profits in Portland and in the regional recruitment footprint of focus for the University (generally Pacific NW, California, Arizona, and Hawaii.
  • Develop relationships with high school counselors, community college academic advisors, youth pastors, and other community partner influencers who provide access to interested students.
  • Recruit students from established partnerships (i.e. Latino Network, College Possible, SEi, etc.).
  • Collaborate with WPU campus community to leverage faculty and staff in the student recruitment process.
  • Work with Deans and Division Chairs to ensure that program distinctives are accurately understood and represented by recruiters.   
Departmental Leadership
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director of Admission, create goals and metrics for the Admission team, motivating and coaching the team to reach individual and team goals.
  • Monitors and regularly reports distribution of prospective students at various stages across the academic programs to the Executive Director of Admission and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Create and coordinate various enrollment reports for distribution.
  • Provide leadership for the Traditional Admission Office in the Executive Director’s absence.
  • Abide by NACAC and NACCAP Principles of Good Practice.
  • Contribute to the support and implementation of the University Strategic Plan.
  • Participate in Warner Pacific University professional development opportunities.
  • Adhere to university policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a Christian liberal arts education by upholding the mission of the University and abiding by the Employment Standards and Lifestyle Agreement.
  • Exhibit commitment to inclusiveness and sensitivity in areas of national origin, ethnicity, culture, gender, and disabilities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelor degree required.
  • Experience working in a professional office environment.
  • Experience working with diverse populations.
  • Demonstrated ability to efficiently and effectively solve problems and initiate and implement projects independently. 
  • Committed to the transformational value of higher education.
  • Ability to promote the values of higher education in interactions with students.
  • Possess a high degree of empathy and customer service experience.
  • Team player with interpersonal strengths.
  • Highly motivated to achieve personal and team goals, and has an experiential history of motivating others to succeed in achievement of sales or recruitment goals.
  • Ability to adapt and work effectively in a varied-paced or fast-paced environment.
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to travel.
  • Ability to work longer hours during busier recruitment/admissions periods.
  • Excellent self-motivation, written communication skills, and the ability to work well with faculty, staff, and students.
  • Proficiency in Spanish language is desirable.
  • Excellence in effective oral communication and public presentations.
  • Proficient in computer programs including Windows, Outlook, Word and Excel, and the Internet.
  • Ability to work some evenings in addition to normal office hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday
Physical Demands – Work Environment: 
The position is located in a typical office environment.  Professional/business casual attire is required.

Employment and Lifestyle Standards:
Warner Pacific is a Christ-centered urban liberal arts University dedicated to providing students from diverse backgrounds an education that prepares them to engage actively in a constantly changing world. The University was founded in 1937 by the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) and maintains a covenant relationship with that body. Central to Warner Pacific’s identity as a Christ-centered higher education institution is the policy of hiring persons whose personal and professional lives reflect:
1.  A belief in the deity of and commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, as interpreted through the historic witness of Scripture and the continuing ministry of the Holy Spirit.
2.  The practice of following Christ through day-to-day personal lifestyle choices.
3.  A vitality of Christian experience maturing in insight and application and appreciative of differing viewpoints.
4.  A commitment to life-long learning and service through personal and professional development.
5.  For teaching faculty, the expression of artful teaching, based on mastery of relevant subject matter and in an environment of purposeful and rigorous inquiry amongst a community of scholars who support one another.
6.  A capability, by temperament, preparation, and will, to support students as they confront the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of their lives.
7.  A sensitivity to and support for the mission, core themes, vision, values, ethos and traditions of the Warner Pacific University community.
8.  A commitment to teaching and serving in harmony with the doctrines of the Bible as understood and generally held by the Church of God Reformation Movement.
Employee Agreement:
Mission-based hiring is of critical importance to Warner Pacific University. From its inception, the Church of God has resisted condensing the Scriptures into a formal creed, instead emphasizing salvation as the entrance into the body of Christ; unity in diversity; and a call to holy living as God’s people representing Christ in the world. Warner Pacific, rather than requiring subscription to an institutional doctrinal statement, asks each employee to affirm a personal faith in Jesus Christ by providing a statement articulating the ways in which faith informs the employee’s understanding of his or her vocation at Warner Pacific. Employees are expected to demonstrate and articulate a vital Christian faith and to live in a manner consistent with a Christ-centered lifestyle as informed by the Scriptures of the New Testament.
Further, to ensure orderly operations and provide the best possible work environment, all Warner Pacific University employees are expected to maintain the highest levels of ethics, professionalism, integrity, and judgment.  Employees must obey all laws governing the workplace and the business of the University, as well as treat others (students, suppliers, and co-workers) with honesty, respect, and personal dignity in all interactions.  Conduct that is malicious, abusive, threatening, dishonest or unlawful is not acceptable.  Employees who feel they are being subjected to conduct of this kind should bring the concern to Human Resources. The University environment is expected to be free from discrimination and harassment (including bullying). When an individual’s behavior has direct implications for others and/or the well-being of the University community, there may be cause for institutional involvement, regardless of where the situation occurs. 
Warner Pacific University desires to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, faculty, students, visitors and guests. Therefore, smoking is not permitted on University property, in its vehicles, or at any University sponsored event. The use of illegal drugs or non-prescribed controlled substances is strictly prohibited. Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or marijuana is strictly prohibited on Warner Pacific University campuses.
Equal Opportunity Employer:
Warner Pacific provides equal opportunity for employment and advancement for all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, sex, gender, national origin, citizenship status, disability, age, genetic information, status with regard to public assistance, veteran status and any other status protected by laws and regulations to which Warner Pacific is subject.  All employment decisions, including hiring, promotions, compensation, benefits, transfers, and terminations are made in a manner that does not discriminate against individuals in the categories discussed above.  Because Warner Pacific is a Christian liberal arts University, the University exercises its legal right to hire Christian employees to fulfill its mission and purpose.
Commitment to Diversity: 
Warner Pacific University is committed to building a culturally diverse faculty and a multicultural learning environment. Inquiries are encouraged from candidates who will enrich and contribute to the cultural and ethnic diversity of our University. Warner Pacific University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that seeks a diverse workforce of committed Christians from all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.
Warner Pacific University offers a full range of traditional benefits for qualifying employees, including medical/dental insurance, disability, life insurance, paid vacation and sick time, mission leave, tuition remission, and retirement savings.
To Apply:
In order to be considered an applicant for this position, please complete our online employment application at www.warnerpacific.edu/jobs.
Click "Apply Now" to complete the online application, and submit the following:
1. Resume
2. Cover letter with names/contact information for three professional references
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